Lake Salt Light

7 out of 10 Malaysian adults suffer
from a non-communicable disease like HYPERTENSION, DIABETES, CANCER etc.

You don’t have to be one of them!! Lake Salt Light has the perfect combination
of balanced minerals to improve your blood pressure and heart health.

Lake Salt Light (a.k.a. Low Sodium Mineral Salt) is a specially formulated salt blend of premium grade Lake Salt and Potassium salt.

Lake Salt Light comes with 50% SODIUM REDUCTION and POTASSIUM ENRICHED that promote better heart health and lower hypertension risk. It provides you with a practical and realistic way to watch your diet and achieve your salt intake target while maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Net Weight: 300g

What is So Special about Our Lake Salt Light?

  • 50% REDUCED SODIUM, Same Great Taste
    In Lake Salt Light, we reduced the sodium content by 50% while preserving the great taste just like any normal table salt.
    To achieve good heart health, cutting sodium/salt alone is not enough. However, a combination with these minerals will help significantly in regulating blood pressure and providing a protective effect against vascular injuries, such as heart attacks.
  • RECOMMENDATION by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and World Health Organization
    High-Sodium diets are linked to a number of health problems- hypertension, stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. Limit salt intake to 5 grams a day! Take a step further and stay healthier with our Lake Salt Light.
    Lake salt originates from a salt lake in Australia. It is surrounded by the cleanest and purest ecological environment; therefore it is POLUTTION-FREE! (Note: We do not use normal PDV salt, we only use the best!)
  • It is now IODIZED !
    Proper iodine intake is essential for good thyroid health, development of IQ, improvement of energy levels and prevention of radioactive effects.
  • Healthier Choice
    By taking low sodium lake salt incorporated with potassium salt, it helps to reduce the risk of developing hypertension and heart related diseases.

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