Lake Salt FAQ

Lake Salt FAQ

    1. Where does Fine Foods™Lake Salt come from?

      Fine Foods’ Lake Salt originates from a natural lake in Australia. The lake is situated in the cleanest and purest ecological environment in the desert regions. The ancient salt deposited remains pollution-free till this day.


    1. Why is Lake Salt so special?

      Lake Salt is the purest and most natural salt in the world with a distinctive minerals composition and taste. It is the best All-In-One salt. This is our promise to you!!

      1. Lake Salt comes from the cleanest and purest salt lake and undergoes a simple process to retain its specialty.
      2. Lake Salt goes through a simple process, leaving it in its most natural and original shape. It comes naturally with other essential minerals that are beneficial to our body, such as magnesium and calcium.
      3. Lake Salt comes with a distinctive mild taste, encouraging you to use less in maintaining a healthy diet.
      4. Lake Salt is iodized!!
      5. Lake Salt is environmental friendly!! The whole process emits 6 times less CO2 compared to normal salt. 10 packs of Lake Salt is equivalent to saving a 30 year old tree!!


    1. Was Fine Foods™ Lake Salt is iodized?

      Yes our Lake Salt is iodized with iodine. Adequate iodine intake helps in the improvement of thyroid health, development of IQ, improvement of energy levels and prevention of radioactive effects. (Xue-Yi et al 1994)


  1. How do I know which salt is suitable for me?

    Below are a few pointers for choosing the right salt.

    – Clean and pure salt source with no pollution
    – Chemical-free
    – Simple process
    – Contains iodine and other natural minerals
    – And the best of all, LOW-SODIUM SALT.