Lake Salt Light FAQ

Lake Salt Light FAQ

  1. What is Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light?Fine Foods’ Lake Salt Light is a unique low sodium mineral salt with 50% SODIUM REDUCTION and MINERALS-ENRICHED. It is a blend comprising of pure and natural Lake Salt and other important mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  2. Why do we need low sodium mineral balanced salt?Through modernization, our diets have changed and are inclined towards high sodium and low minerals. This trend will cause serious consequences to our health. Salts sold in the market (unless it is stated) have very high sodium content. By taking too much sodium, severe health complications and diseases will arise.

    Lake Salt Light is formulated with the aim to help in the reduction of sodium and increased mineral intake while preserving the best possible taste.
    The incorporation of potassium, magnesium and calcium salts will reverse the effect of sodium induced Hypertension, and thus maintain healthy blood pressure levels. (Yang et al 2011; Houston et al 2008; Chang et al 2006)

  3. What are the benefits of potassium, magnesium and calcium?Potassium, magnesium and calcium are vital minerals that are found naturally in fruits and vegetables. However, we do not take sufficient fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, causing our bodies to lack these essential minerals that can help in guarding our blood pressure.

    Potassium is good in:

    • Maintaining and regulating blood pressure
    • Reducing the risk of kidney stones
    • Reducing the risk of heart-related problems
    • Reversing the effect of sodium on blood pressure
    • Maintaining normal muscular and neurology
    • Decreasing bone loss

    Potassium, magnesium and calcium also work hand-in-hand to regulate muscle contraction and thereby maintain optimal blood pressure reading. (He & Gregor 2001)

  4. How much potassium do we need?According to IOM, we need more then 4,700mg of potassium everyday to help in the regulation of our blood pressure. 4,700mg = 4 1/2 cabbage OR 20 bananas OR 36 carrots (IOM 2010)
  5. Is Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light iodized?Yes, Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light is iodized! Getting sufficient iodine helps in the prevention of thyroid problems, the development of IQ and improvement of energy levels. (Xue-Yi et al 1994)
  6. Is Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light suitable for everyone? Who needs this?Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light is suitable and required in our daily diet. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for people with hypertension and heart problems. Healthy people can also take it to minimize/prevent these risks. However, patients that undergo hemodialysis should consult their doctor first before consuming any amount of sodium and other minerals. (Karppanenet al 1984; Chang et al 2006)
  7. What are the applications of Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light ? What is the optimum amount?Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light can be used in your daily cooking. Apply it in the same amount as any normal salt. Replace 1 teaspoon of normal salt with 1 teaspoon of Lake Salt Light. With this, you are already reducing your sodium intake by 50% and increasing other essential minerals intake by 50%.
  8. Where can I purchase Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light?Fine Foods™ Lake Salt Light can be purchased in selected pharmacies stores. If you wish to find out the nearest available pharmacy to you, kindly contact us.